Our Financial Services

Its time to imagine your own “bigger picture”. Not the 1-year picture plan, or even the 3-year picture plan, but instead the picture for your life that you are working towards. Yes, your Retirement Picture. You need to ask yourself; do you see yourself travelling or providing for family members or even relocating to the coast or another country. Every Picture is unique and some are outrageous and over the top and some are conservative and small. What does your picture look like?
Biglife is a pure independent and holistic financial Services Provider. What this means is that we do not tie ourselves to any one single Product Provider and as the industry improves and broadens, so do our horizons. We offer professional and personal independent advice as well we as assist our clients with all the administration and execution of their financial affairs. Our advice is always a 2-way conversation that is tangible and constructive towards your future.

As a potential Financial Planning Client, we will provide you with the following services:

1. 1x free consultation to meet you formally and get an idea about your current financial affairs and your goals and life plans and how you would like us to assist  you

2.  Once you have become a client of ours, we will do an in-depth review where we discuss your future life plans in more detail and match them to your current financial affairs.

3. A follow up consultation where we will co-build a holistic financial plan that incorporates your future goals and the building of a road map on how to get there. This step includes:

  • savings targets
  • debt repayment
  • investment goals
  • retirement planning
  • risk planning
  • estate planning
  • tax planning
  • Offshore Investing

4. We will provide you with ongoing support and advice as well as financial and life reviews as and when life events occur to track and review your progress.   

5. We collaborate with Experts from various different fields such as Estate Planning Attorneys, Insurance Agencies and Tax Practitioners to ensure you receive the quality advice and service.

If you’re ready to receive practical financial planning advice to help you find clarity around your money and your future, then we can certainly assist you.