Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to start saving for retirement?

Right Now! That is the short answer. The long answer is, as soon as possible!

Why Choose to use a Financial Advisor instead of contacting the Product Provider directly

We are all now living in a new era of Advice giving. A decade ago, the knowledge and education surrounding the Financial Industry and Financial Products was scarce and used a lot of industry jargon that was not easy to understand by the everyday person. However, nowadays, any person can search for a mountain of information on their mobile phone while they wait for an uber car to fetch them simply to fill waiting time. Therefore, the service a financial advisor now provides is to go beyond the money picture and complete the story by marrying wellbeing needs and life goals with financial planning. This means that a financial advisor strives to review the life behind the client instead of simply looking at their current financial circumstance and giving them a one size fits all approach to follow. 

How do I go about building a resilient financial plan and where do I start?

The best place to start is to find a Financial advisor that is independent, well qualified and has appropriate experience that you also connect with and trust.

With regard to building a resilient Financial Plan, it is important to take a moment and think beyond the money. It is not always about how much you have, but what plan you have in place and who is working alongside you to support you in achieving it. Investing with a purpose is the ultimate gift you can give your future self. Once you have openly discussed these things with your Financial Advisor, we believe there are 3 main building blocks you need to use in order to practically ensure you have planned for a resilient future. Namely Financial Planning, Estate Planning and Tax Planning.

How much does a financial Advisor cost and how do I pay them?

Since financial advice and coaching is always intangible and can never be pre-bought, the fees are charged on an ongoing basis and form part of the fees paid from within a financial product. That means that whenever a client goes through a life change and needs advice, they can receive it any time anywhere. Fees are paid on a sliding scale based on a percentage of the investment. Our fees are based on 0.7% ongoing advice fee. This means that if you partner with us and invest R100, you will pay 70c per year for the advice you receive.

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