About Biglife

Biglife is an Independent Financial and Wealth Planning company. We bring financial planning to Millennials, Generation X’s and Baby Boomers who are in the process of making big and important life decisions. We have been in the Financial Advisory industry since 1993 and we work with clients who don’t have enough as well as with clients who have more than enough. At Biglife, we believe the earlier you work with a Financial Planner the faster you can give yourself piece of mind and achieve your life goals.

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About Brian Price

Brian Price is not the corporate financial advisor you will find on the other end of a “call us now” sales pitch phone call, he is down to earth, passionate about his job and has a witty sense of humour. After working in the Life Assurance industry as a tied financial Broker and achieving numerous personal and corporate achievements and awards, he boldly stepped out and launched his own Independent Advisory Business. He believed that there was not enough independence in the advice-giving space and that true holistic financial planning is bigger than Life Assurance, hence the name Biglife. Now he runs a completely independent and thriving Financial Planning Business with one other financial planner alongside him with many loyal clients who have been with him for longer than 20 years. He firmly believes that what worked in the past does not mean it will work that way in the future and it’s important to keep abreast with what’s new and improved and what is still best for the client in the long term.

Brian assists people with matching their values and life goals with their finances.

Brian is an active member of:

Biglife carries the Masthead Compliance badge for outstanding compliance over a rolling period.

Our Core Values

The Clients is the King of their Empire – We work alongside you to co-build a financial plan and we act only as a guide in assisting you in achieving their life and financial goals.

Curiosity is our core – We are committed to remining fresh minded and flexible to our clients ever changing needs and circumstances. We believe in asking our clients new and fresh questions and opening up new conversations to continuously gain a better and more well-rounded view of our client’s goals and fears.

Simplicity is visionary – Ensuring our clients know both the 800-word summary version of their financial plan as well as the 50 word and picture summary version is at the heart of how we do what we do. We always ask ourselves; can the client tell a friend or spouse the “why” or “how” behind the “what” of their technical financial plan. It’s simple, it they can’t, will they truly be able to stick to and believe in their financial plan.

We rise for Excellence – Our commitment to continually keep learning and improving our skills and the education of our clients is our cornerstone. Learning and sharing our knowledge with our clients is rewarding both for our clients and for ourselves. We believe that excellence is achieved through intentional and sincere effort on a continual basis.

How Are We Different

  • We help people use their money to enable them to dedicate more time to living their lives
  • We are transparent in all our business and advice processes.
  • We believe in involving you in every step of the planning process, each meeting is geared towards open-ended discussions about life and your current and future plans.
  • We do not stick to the “once a year annual review” rule. We make ourselves freely available on an ongoing and open-ended basis, whether via email or voice/video calling technologies. We actively strive to be available for when our clients need us most, right in the action of decision making.
  • We provide ongoing reports or “snap shots” of your different financial life plans.  This allows you to see your progress towards your goals and also to have a clear understanding of the action items for the future.

Our approach is to get you to see and believe in the bigger picture and then help you use your money to match your values so you can live your big life!